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All about Google Hangouts: The Things You Need To Know About It



Living far away from the hometown?? Missing your friends and family?? Wanted to see them?? Not possible to come??

No worry, there is the solution, better to be called as a “Google Hangout”.

Using this Google product you will be able to chat with your friends and family members by text-based messages or by a video chat !!!! 


Google Hangouts came up as an inbuilt feature of your Google account. It can be defined as mere communication software that can be used for all your personal and professional communication. Using this Google product you can easily send text-based messages, video chat, or call up your friend on his phone using the software’s VOIP features.

Anyone with a free Google account can use Hangouts via their web browser on Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chrome OS. Apart from that Google Hangouts can be witnessed on Android smart phones as well as on tablets too. Google hangout is the combination of Google Chat, Google Talk and Google+ Messenger, all rolled into one dice.

There is no any benchmark set for the no. of users you could connect for a video chatting; even 10 people can talk at a time.

Features/Advantages Of Google Hangout

  • Screen Sharing You can allow everyone else in the call to see your computer screen. It can be a great tool for sharing presentations, teaching computer skills, or showing off any pictures or your pets.
  • Chat Not all of the communications on Google Hangouts has to happen through voice or video. Messaging options are available for both personal Hangouts and Hangouts on Air, and the transcript can be saved for future use.
  • Non-Google+ Users- or those without the app can still be involved in Google Hangouts. As long as you have an email address you should be able to access a Hangout through your browser. To view a Google Hangout on Air, all you should require is the link to the stream.
  • Google Hangouts On Air– while Google Hangouts is a closed video conversation between you and up to ten people. Google Hangouts On Air offers a larger-scale service, where you can broadcast your conversation to anyone with the streaming link. People can interact with your On Air broadcast in real time through text questions.
  • SecurityAll messages sent or received under Google Hangouts are encrypted which offers you peace of mind when it comes to having sensitive business or personal discussion online. And the user will not get distracted of the messages being visualized within others.

How To Use Google Hangout –

  • At first Login to your Gmail account with your ID and Password.


  • Now you will be able to see the Google Hangouts interface on the sidebar of the main screen of Gmail page.


  • You will also be able to see your Google friends and contacts featuring here.


  • Simply browse through this list and click on the person you wish to chat with; this will open a chat window and you can now connect with your friends in no time.

Some Of The Other Google Hangout Importance/Uses

#1. For Entertainment


  • Rock concerts: By using this Google Hangout feature you can create a house concert with your friends. Google has facilitated this by providing a “Studio Mode” streaming option, which can help to ensure that audio quality is as high as possible.Apart from that you can also watch some of your favorite indie artists performing live. And nevertheless if you could get a chance to be one of the ten people involved in the video chat portion. you may even be able to interact directly with the musicians you love.
  • Games Night: Today almost every third person is interested in playing games. There is no deal if it is a single player game but if it needs more then, that’s simply not the case. Google Hangouts’ ability to host up to ten people at once makes it a terrific option for hosting a long distance games night.
  • Watching Movies: One of the benefits to Google’s integration with YouTube is that you are able to stream YouTube videos directly into your Google Hangout. This can be a great way to enjoy spending some quality time with friends and family, even from far away.
  • Capturing Family Memories: Google Hangouts On Air allows you to save a recorded copy of your Hangout to your YouTube Channel. This feature can allow capturing important memories with the people you love who are separated by distance. As a matter of fact introducing a new baby to a sibling traveling overseas, interviewing kids with their grandparents about what life was like when they were kids, or getting your mom to sing you a family lullaby so that you can learn it yourself, having the ability to record these precious family moments as they happen is invaluable. And Google hangout is lashed with immense quality.

#2. For Creativity:


  • Collaborating: Google Drive offers a ton of tools for collaboration, but adding in a real-time voice or video dialogue can help to push that collaboration from efficient to exemplary.  If you find yourself needing to collaborate on a web tool with someone else, it’s a great idea to have a Hangout occurring at the same time so that you can easily suggest ideas, improve communication by being able to see and hear the other person’s facial and vocal expressions, and quickly solve any problems as they arise.
  • Crowd Outsourcing: If you are planning for a new product promotion then it is better to opt for the Google Hangout. Share your ideas about the particular product, give chance to user to ask questions, give feedback, and react to your product (no matter what stage it’s at) can be an incredibly valuable process for you as a creator. You get immediate feedback, your supporters get a chance to vocalize any of their questions or concerns, and your product will be much better for it.
  • Cultural Exchanges between Classrooms: Connecting classroom across the world is a popular use for Google Hangouts. By using this feature teacher from one part of the world are sharing information about culture, thoughts on books or projects and also encourages communication and learning between students.

#3. For Business/Work:


  • Presentation: If you are businessman and have to make a presentation at work to a large number of people. Then might be most convenient to schedule a Hangout instead of an in-person meeting. Just like a 3-D meeting, hosting a Hangout (or a Hangout On Air) allows you to take questions from those in the call and share your screen (which can have your slides or important documents featured).
  • Interviews: Assume that you have to recruit a employee for your vacant post. Then the first thing that arises in mind is to give the notification regarding job. After that if you find a suitable candidate but the person is far living from the company city then Google Hangouts are a great way to offer them an interview with your company. Whether it’s a one-on-one interview, or a larger spread of people, this is a great way to ensure that you don’t miss out on a candidate due to geographical inconvenience.
  • Join in on a Seminar: One of the most amazing examples of Hangouts On Air being used is a discussion hosted by NASA in 2013 where they connected astronauts on the International Space Station to two classrooms, a young patient at the Seattle Children’s hospital, and thousands of other viewers around the world for discussion about life in space and working in science.

#4. Self-Improvement:


  • Meditation/Yoga Classes: You can also use Google Hangout for the Meditation and Yoga classes. Many yoga instructors are willing to provide instruction through video chat apps like Google Hangouts, and it can be a great way to get expert guidance no matter where you are in the world.
  • Therapy sessions: Any individuals who travel a lot but want to keep a consistent therapy schedule then Google Hangout is the perfect idea. Those who have severe anxiety surrounding leaving their home, or those who have built a strong relationship with a therapist but then have to move to a new location then this is the best option.
  • Learning New Languages: Just about everyone wishes that they could easily learn another language. Despite the plethora of language learning apps and programs available. There’s nothing better than being able to practice your new language of choice with a native speaker. Google Hangouts are an amazing way to communicate for free with people anywhere in the world. as well as language learning Google+ communities have taken advantage of this.

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