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How To Auto Save Your work In Windows 10

Auto Save Your work

AutoSaved helps people focus on their work without having to manage saving data in the form.

Autosave tasks can really be useful if your system crashes, if you forget to save while closing an application or if you simply do not want to remember to save.

That can be really daunting.

Here in this blog, I will guide you to save your data in case system crashes. Covering the most used web applications and software in this blog.


Autosave Tricks for Internet Browser

Have you ever spent lifting a form to crash your browser and have gone down the drain all this time?

Do not let this happen with you install an add-on automatically saves any data you write to, which will allow you to recover when the accidents are hit.

Check the form history control for Firefox and text inputs recover extensions for chrome. There are several alternatives available, but they are doing the job properly.

How Auto Save work In Windows 10


Step1: Open Firefox.

Step2: Click menu in the upper right corner of the screen.

Step3: Select option from the drop down menu.

Step 4: Under the privacy tab, in the history selection, click the down arrow in the box next to Firefox: and select use custom settings for my history.

Step5: Firefox remembers browsing through your browsing how many checkboxes allow you to customize. The box labeled remember to search and form history toggles autocomplete on or off.

Step6: Once you have made your selection, close the option tab


Step1: Open chrome.

Step2: Click menu in upper right corner.

Step3: From the drop down menu select setting.

Step4: At the bottom of setting window, click show advanced setting.

Step5: Next, locate the privacy selection.

Step6: The check box labeled use a prediction service to help complete searches and URL type in the address bar or the app launcher search box toggles autocomplete on or off.

Step7: Under the passwords and forms tab, you may also want to toggle the enable autofill to fill out web forms in a single click check box.

Step 8: Close the setting window when you are finished.

Autosave Tricks for Software

 Microsoft Office

Microsoft office application has a built in feature that will automatically save your work every 10 minutes in the event that the application crashed while you are typing. In whatever way you see it, word crashing in the middle of you writing an important or legal document is corrupted.

Instead, the office programs themselves, which are available in word excel power point and more, have a feature is called AutocoreQar. This will try to save your file if the program stop unexpectedly when you open the program, then it will offer to try and recover the file.

How Auto Save work In Windows 10

Outlook does not support saving automatically as an email receives, or saves emails in multiple folders at the same time. You will need an add-in for this, like save our attachment add-in. it also saves emails and attachments. To save an email using an add-in. following these instructions.

Step1: In outlook, click on the Sperry software button.

Step2: Click on the attachment save add-ins “overall settings 1” tab.

Step3: Click the Automatic box to start processing email automatically.

Step4: Choose an outlook folder (inbox).

Step5: over on the next tab (overall setting 2) choose a windows folder where the save emails will reside.

Step6: Click the “Enable saving of email” option.

Step7: Choose one of the five custom formats (MSG, TXT, EML, HTML, and TNEF).

How Auto Save work In Windows 10


One such simple and frequently used basic application is windows notepad. Almost all of us use it on a daily basis for a variety of purposes so that connecting quick notes from the web with simple text contain and saving for reference.

There are loads of free options that still offer quick and simple nature which provides notepad, but with the addition autosave function. In past, we have captured the best auto saving notepad application.

Notepad auto save is an incredibly useful application that defiantly busy typing stuff in notepad, but the combination of Ctrl + S is not like to be pressed once in a while. Super lightweight and easy to use, notepad autosave runs in system tray, active notepad window for regular monitoring of change and at 30 seconds by default time interval but it can be changed, automatically saved active notepad windows contain.

 How Auto Save work In Windows 10


To automatically save the screenshot to your system, press windows key + print screen instead. This will create a folder in your pictures folder called screenshots.

To set up your screenshot to automatically save to OneDrive:

Step1: Right click the OneDrive icon on the taskbar and select settings.

How Auto Save work In Windows 10

Steps2:  Select autosave tab.

How Auto Save work In Windows 10

Step3:  Then tick automatically save screenshot I capture to OneDrive.

Step4: Click ok button.


If the above methods work for you do share your experience with us in the comment section below


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