11 Futuristic Smart Technology that can revolutionize your travelling
11 Futuristic Smart Technology that can revolutionize your travelling
December 12, 2016
Cross Platform Applications Of Android & iPhone In Real Life
December 12, 2016

Explore Your Tech World with IFTTT

IFTTT is an acronym for “If This Then That”. It is a web based service that lets user create powerful connections with one simple statement. It is designed to carry out a whole range of tasks via its automated or on-demand service. This application made you capable to connect the different web services all at a time.

IFTTT can also provide you a facility to run all the different platforms simply. By accessing one service, same time you can also create alerts to keep you informed about the mundane chores at home. If you have shown your interest on IFTTT, it will not let you down and take charge of your life. And can automate your tasks. So you can enjoy complete peace of mind by throwing out all the hassles. And yet be rest assured that your tasks are all being taken care of.

And yes, the channels that you will create here, the connection between the different platforms – they are called recipes.

Lists Of Few Instances Were IFTTT can be used in your daily life…

ifttt instances

#1. IFTTT Tracks Your Health: We all know that a healthy mind leaves in a healthy body, so it is very important to take care of your body. If you have a Fitbit wristband, you can connect it to the app and track your movement health this way. You can also use your iPhone to track your steps, so it’s a useful app. Even if you don’t have a Fitbit! Log your food, exercise and connect with your friends and family . It’s great for managing your daily health and well being.

#2.Manage Social Accounts: If you spend so much time on the social networking websites. Then IFTTT is the best application for you. Using this you can let all photos on Facebook where you are tagged in, to be automatically saved in Dropbox. Apart from that you could also automate the process through which a welcome message will be shot to your latest Twitter follower. Soon after he will start following you. You can also save all your important YouTube videos on Ever-note, and can watch them later.

#3.Organise Tasks and Business: You can use a dashboard to list all your tasks and responsibilities in an ordered way. If you wish you can share it with others also in your team, so it’s great for collaboration. So get rid of all the clutter when it comes to do-do lists, post-it notes and large pads of paper. All you need is to do is to install this tool.

#4.Keep tab on the weather report: It can keeps you updated about the weather condition by setting a recipe on IFTTT. You can automate all weather updates so you get a notification every time the weather is about to change in the next few hours. You can also receive the minimum and maximum temperatures for the day easily on your smartphone via an IFTTT recipe.

#5.Reminder app for emails and responses: This app allows you to collate all your email accounts into one streamlined app, and reminds you about the Email and other official response.ifttt instances

#6.Conserve energy at home while you’re away: It happens sometimes that you might leave your house without switching off the light. Now this is not a big deal anymore with IFTTT. Simply by creating a recipe in the service, you can connect it to your home lighting system. And let it know every time you leave home to switch off the system automatically. Not only can you conserve energy, you can also cut down your power bills this way.

#7.Text To Escape: Have you ever wished to get out of a meeting that’s dragging on and on? Then this recipe is for you only. The only thing that you need to do is just send a text to the IFTTT number for your region with the hashtag ‘#helpme’. It’ll then call you back with a pre-recorded message, giving you an opportunity to make your excuses and leave.

#8.Notification about the App when goes free: We all love a free app, especially when said app used to cost money. App developers periodically offer their apps for free in order to build up a buzz. This recipe will send a notification to your iOS device whenever a paid application goes for nada.

#9.Battery Saver: Leaving Bluetooth and WiFi on when you don’t need them is a surefire way to drain your cell phone battery. This IFTTT aims to solve that problem by automatically turning them off when you leave your home, and back on when you come back.

#10.Mute my phone when I get to the office & turn on vibrates: It is very awkward when you are at meeting and your phone start to ring vehemently. If this could have happened to you then IFTTT is the best app that you install. This Android-only recipe checks for when you get to a pre-defined location, and then sets your phone to silent and vibrate.

How to Install IFTTT

  • At First you have to create an account by signing in to the IFTTT official website.
  • After that you will be able to create recipes on If This Then That.
  • Thereafter you can connect the channels to your account that you wish to streamline and enjoy a blast.

Thus all in all IFTTT has a group of features which can be used by user as per their need and can connect with the different web services all at a time. Any assistance will be highly appreciated. Thanks….. 

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