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How to Fix Damaged iTunes Library File

iTunes Library File

Damaged iTunes Library File?


       Fix it now!


The iTunes Library file is responsible for storing all the data of your media library. Earlier it was an XML file that contained all the data but now a custom file named iTunes Library.itl stores the data of your media library.

If, somehow, anything happens to this file your iTunes will not work.

iTunes Library File

So, you need to create a new Library file and then reimport all of your media. But doing this will reset your play count and you’ll lose those playlists that aren’t in your iCloud Music Library.

Well, if you also have a damaged or missing iTunes Library file (iTunes Library.itl) and your iTunes isn’t working then it’s better to get it fixed.


Lost all your favorite iTunes media and playlists?

Don’t worry,,, Here’s the Fix…


How to Fix Damaged iTunes Library File


1. Restore from Time Machine

If you backup regularly, then you haven’t lost too much of data and you can get back the iTunes Library file (iTunes Library.itl) from Time Machine.

If you don’t have a Time Machine backup, then set one up now and hop on to the next step to restore your library file.

Now, if you have a Time Machine backup, then go to the iTunes folder under /Users/Username/Music/iTunes/ and look for the iTunes Library.itl file.

Right-click it and rename “broken” or “damaged”, then move it to the Desktop.

Now, go to Apple menu > System Preferences and click on Time Machine.

This will open a Finder window with a timeline running up the side. This timeline is each backup in your Time Machine. Go to the most recent backup and find the library file. Highlight it and click the Restore button.

Open iTunes and you’ll find the restored version of the file. Confirm that iTunes is working properly, then delete the broken file from desktop.


2. Restore Previous iTunes Library Folder

You can retrieve your iTunes library file from the subfolder Previous iTunes Libraries that iTunes create when making changes to your library.

Go to the iTunes folder under /Users/Username/Music/iTunes/ and look for the subfolder Previous iTunes Libraries.

Open it and copy the newest version. Go back to main iTunes folder and paste the file.

Now, right click the file and rename it. Remove the date from the end of the file name. Make sure its named iTunes Library.itl.

Now, you’re good to go and can open iTunes normally.


3. Recreate iTunes Library

If none of the attempts work then recreate library from scratch.

Go to iTunes folder and delete these files: iTunes Library.itl, iTunes Library Genius.itdb, sentinel (you need to do show hidden files in Finder to see this), and iTunes Library Extras.itdb.

If iCloud Music Library is enabled when you open iTunes, then these files will be recreated.

Now, you need to add the files back. Click File and select Add to Library. Then go to the existing iTunes Media folder and click Open. iTunes will now re-import existing media files.

If iCloud Music Library is not enabled, you’ll get error message asking to select a folder for your iTunes library.

Select the existing library folder and repeat the above steps.


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