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How to Protect Your Laptop from Theft and Get Back Your Personal Data

These days Laptops are the most popular gadgets that we wish to keep with us every time. If we are alone or on the move, then the only thing that we want with us is the laptop.

Not only for the sake of time pass but it can also enable to carry out your important task very conveniently. Having this gadget will never make you feel alone and you will be able to carry out your official jobs at ease.

Having a laptop is very advantageous, but at the same is disadvantageous also. The main demerit associated with it is the same portability. You need to be careful while walking alone with your laptop as losing the attention for a second will made your computer vanish.

As we all know that people these days kept all their privacy as well important documents in their personal computer. Loosing of laptop might put you in other trouble. All your data might get stolen and may fall in the wrong hands. Identity theft and any breach of personal privacy are just one side of the problem. The situation can be even worse and harder also.


Here are some of the quick steps that you must keep in your mind if you get caught in this situation.




  • File a Police Report:

If you are one of the victims who are facing the situation computer loss, then the first and the foremost thing is to make a police complaint. Although the police might not be able to find your laptop but it is very important to do so. Because as per the rules, stolen computer hardware is entered into a national database. So if someone tries to sell your laptop, there’s a good chance it will raise a red flag when they do, even if they’re across the country.

  • Use Social networking platform:

you must be feeling helpless in this condition but sitting alone can put in other danger as well. So it’s better to share your feeling with your friends on social networking sites like Facebook or a Twitter. Apart from that you can also put up fliers in your local grocery store or take out an ad in the local newspaper.

  • Keep eyes on Repair center and the Pawn shop:

You can tell the local repair center and the pawn shop about your missing. Some pawn shops or repair shops will check with the local police department before purchasing used laptops. Be attentive and provide some of the identity features of your laptop. It may include either a color, a serial no. or may even scratches in the case or worn paint.

  • Be in touch of your Insurance Agent:

As per the rule of certain insurance policies stolen computer hardware comes under the category of insurance. Likewise if laptop was stolen out of the vehicle, its loss could be covered by your automobile insurance. If your laptop is company property, it is most definitely going to be covered by your company’s insurance policy.

  • Be Attentive And Remain Vigilant:

Lastly, it’s time to keep on monitoring all your work that you have done earlier like filing the police complaint, tweeted about the theft etc. Keep your eyes open and do not forget to keep on checking the online shopping sites because sometimes thieves might use online sites to sell their goods.


How To Prevent Theft and Saves our Personal Data

Doing the above jobs you have the chances that you can get your Personal computer back. On the contrary, what about the precautions?? That must be taken beforehand to minimize these types of situation.

Top Most 5 Apps To Track Down Your Stolen Laptop

  1. Install Prey




Suitable For: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and many more.

Cost: Free for 3 devices. Paid plans start at $5/month

In order to avoid this condition it is advisable to download and Install Prey in your PC. Prey is a monitoring application that you can activate remotely when your laptop becomes missing or stolen. It is lightweight anti-theft protection software that helps you recover them if ever lost or stolen. To protect your device all you need is to install a Prey. This app is very beneficial which sleeps silently in the backgrounds and waits for the user command.

Prey can recover your devices easily. It can provide you all the details of who’s using the stolen devices along with the picture and crucial piece of data that police officers need to take action. This app can allow you to remotely wipe all your information, lock the device down, and even retrieve most important files.

Prey works smoothly on all major operating systems and lets you track them from a single place; your web control panel.

  1. LockItTight



Suitable For: Windows

Cost: Free for 5 devices. Paid plans at $1.99/mth to $9.99/mth.

It is yet another App that helps to prevent your laptop from being stolen. The only thing that you have to do is to download it and it will provide you with a tool to spy on your stolen laptop. While using it you will be able to find the location of thieves who has stolen it. Your laptop screen will capture all of their activities, take a picture using the webcam and see his browsing history.

You will be able to monitor each and every action that are being performed on your gadget by the thieves. One additional feature is also associated with it which allows you to keep monitoring your teenage boys or girls on how they use their Android device and protect them from online hazard and Cyber Bullies.

Apart from that it can also provide you a way to retrieve and/or delete files from your stolen computer. In case you need to get hold of important files that you didn’t create a backup of then this is the best App that you should get it On.

  1. Lojack For laptop

Suitable For: Windows, Mac OS X

Cost: Plans start at USD 14.99/year [30-Day Free Trial]

Lojack For laptop is now the different App that allows user to remotely lock, delete files from, and locate the stolen laptop on a map. The persistent security features that help to protect your laptop are built into the firmware of devices themselves. It is somehow different from other apps because along with the features to recover you laptop, it can also provide recovery team. The recovery team partners with law enforcement agencies around the world to return protected laptops to their owners.

The main reason to do so is to reimburse you of up to $1000 if fails to recover the laptop. How much does this sort of security cost? Plans range from $14.99/year to $39.99/year for two protection options (device or just data), and depending on the type of device you want protected.

  1. Find My Mac




Suitable For: Mac OS X, iOS

Cost: Free service

It has the more advance features that a Prey or other tracking device doesn’t have. Using this you will be able to locate and protect your Mac if it’s ever lost or stolen. To enable this free service you have to follow these steps, System Preference > iCloud and ensure that the checkbox for Find My Mac is ticked.

Apart from tracking your Mac location, it can also remotely lock your Mac hardware to make sure no one will be able to use it unless they know a passcode which you set. This is very interesting feature associated with it which ensures us that our personal data are not in bad hands.

  1. Undercover



Suitable For: Mac OS X

Cost: Starts at $49.00

It is suitable for Mac OS just like Find My Mac along with some extra features added for making your laptop secure. Undercover transmits location information from the stolen Mac. This information includes the coordinates from wireless location tracking, and the internal and external IP addresses, enabling the police to accurately trace the Mac’s physical location, in collaboration with the Internet Service Provider.

Undercover can provide its user a choice of Plan B also, in case Plan A fails. According to this it can simulate a hardware failure, rendering it useless and forcing the thief to either take it to repairs or sell it off, increasing the chances that you can track down your laptop. The app starts at $49.00 for a single user license.

To safeguard your stolen laptop and get back your important and private data, follow these Apps which helps you to recover your stolen laptop and your data as well.

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