April 13, 2017
Mac on your Android

Get quick access to MAC on your Android device in Simple steps

Many of us rely on our Computers or MAC for entertainment purpose like watching videos, playing music or streaming online The possibility of having virtual remote […]
April 6, 2017

How to Fix Unexpected Network Error 0x8007003B on Windows 10

The Network error 0x8007003B occurs when we transfer a large file usually more than 100 Mb over VPN connection. The primary reason for occurrence of this […]
April 3, 2017
Boot Error 0xc000000e on Windows 10

How to fix Boot Error 0xc000000e on Windows 10

March 23, 2017
Remove Trotux

How to Remove Trotux Redirect Completely From Windows 10

Irritated of landing to other Web pages without entering the URL?? Well, this post will certainly help you if you are having increased amount of unwanted […]
March 10, 2017

How to Reduce Transparency on Mac and Enhance Performance

What is Transparency on a Mac?? Mac OS X Yosemite has launched a distinctive feature of transparency effects in 2014. It gives a new interface to […]
March 1, 2017

Complete Guide to Twitch streaming Your PC, PS4 and Xbox One