Cross Platform Applications Of Android & iPhone In Real Life

What is Cross Platform Applications?

Cross Platform Applications means acquiring the properties of two different software and making one indigenous application. Software to be a cross platform must have the capability to work on more than one function on more than one computer architecture or operating system.

Cross Platform Applications can be a time consuming and costly activity but the result thus oriented will be the foremost. Do not think of the fact that, if a particular operating system runs on different computer architectures. It does not mean that the software written for that operating system will automatically work on all architectures that the operating system supports.

Cross Platform Applications not only connects you with your near and dear ones, rather also help you to share your thoughts and ideas instantly.

Now it’s Time to Check out Important Cross Platform Applications….

1.  Google Photos: We all know that photos are the memorable incidents that we capture during some events. Are you looking for some photo organizing tool?? Then it is better to opt for the Google photos. There is nothing better than the Google photos. Google Photos organizes our pictures like none other and you can look through and find a specific image amongst thousands of others, simply by typing in the name.

Google Photos is available for free for use on your iOS or Android-based device. You can save all your past memories in this app and even share and collaborate with your friends, as and when you want. This app organizes your pictures as per date, names of people, things, places and more.

Cross Platform Applications Of Android & iPhone In Real Life2.  Skype Qik: It is a fun sharing video apps that allows user to create and share videos with their friends. This application can allow you to capture 40 seconds long videos. It can also provide you a facility of cleaning your device (iOS, Windows Phone, Android) memory by automatically deleting videos over two weeks. And thus providing you a options to create more and more.  This video messenger is low on bandwidth and the simple to use interface which comes across as a breeze.

3. Companion: It is true to say that there is no any difference in between the boys and girls. But at same time it is also true that this world is not safe for the women. It is a scary world out there and you need to be your own guard. Thankfully, there’s an app to help you stay safe.

Using companion app can provide you a feature to be safe. Suppose that on lonely nights, when you are returning home alone from work or a party, this app will be your companion. The only thing that you need to do is to enter the destination you’re starting from. And add a person to the list as well whom you would be constantly in the touch. This way they can be rest assured that you are in the safe zone. If the phone is dropped or you start running suddenly, the app will ask you “Are you OK?” If you fail to respond within 15 seconds of this message flashing, the app will alert your companion instantly. There is no need that the person you’ve identified needs to be using this app to be able to receive a notification.

4. Vidku: Vidku is the ultimate video sharing app for your iOS and Android-based devices. You can usevidku it to narrate a short tale depending upon your videos. You can even pause in between the clips and add more clips to your story – even if the clips may have been separately shot.

5. Facebook Moments: iOS or Android device user use Facebook Moments for free. However, remember to save an original version of the pictures on a cloud storage medium as Moments compresses images and you could lose the actual resolution due to this. Nonetheless, Facebook Moments helps you organize, call and share images like almost in a jiffy.

By making use of the facial recognition feature, it prompts you to share the images with your respective friends and even ask for images from the same event where you may be featuring. This way, it helps you create entire albums of an event, even if you may not have the images in your camera. Since it sorts images as per date, location, etc., it makes it easier for you to find photos in no time.

As per my knowledge I have covered all the aspects related to Cross Platform Applications on iPhone and iOS, any idea regarding this topic will be highly appreciated. Thanks….. 

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