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How to Fix Common Mac Audio Problems in OS X? | 5 Easy Fixes

No sound coming through your Mac? Or, Audio not working in Mac OS X?

Don’t get panic!

This is a quite common issue nowadays occurring in Mac but have easy fixes.

You many encounter this problems after upgrading your operating system or when you switch different applications or even when you install new audio device in your Mac.

However, fortunately all this issues have solution as simple as clicking on the unmute button and may like adjusting your audio settings.

So, if you’re facing common Mac audio problems in OS X then stay here with us only as here you will get all possible solution to this error.

Here are quick fixes to the audio problems in your Mac

And one more thing, all the solution which we will discuss soon are applicable for not only Mac OS X but also other Macs. So, no matter what version you’re using this is applied to all Macs using any sorts of speakers, external, internal, earbuds etc.

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Fix 1. Check Sound on every Apps

Don’t forget to play audio on different apps such as YouTube, iTunes etc. As sometime it can problem of one app on which you are having no sound problem.

  • If yes,

Then either delete or update that app in order to smoothed out such problem because that buggy is only responsible for Mac audio problems.

  • But, if no

Then let’s move to the next fix as this might work for you.

Fix 2. Check Audio Settings

Common Mac Audio problems might occur in your computer if you have muted or set it to low. In such scenario, you can’t hear the sound or any audio from your Mac devices.

Therefore, turned one the volume or set it high. To do so follow the steps that are set forth below.

Steps to turned up the Volume

  • Click on the system preference icon.
  • Then, simply click on the Sound icon.
  • After doing so, click on the output tab >> internal Speakers.

Fix Common Mac Audio Problems in OS X

  • From there increase the output volume by moving the slider all the way to the right.
  • And don’t forget to uncheck the mute box.

Finally, check whether audio is coming out your Mac. Again not, then don’t worry we have other solutions as well, so just keep trying you will surely get the right solution very soon.

Fix 3. Disconnect external speakers properly

In some cases, there is a chance that won’t be able to hear any type of sound from your Mac. This is so happen because the audio from your device get directly transferred to connected devices such as TV, headphones.

Therefore, unplug all those devices then only you can hear the sound.

However, sometimes it might happen that in spite of unplugging your external speakers from your device, you see no output device found. Thus, in such scenario, insert your earphone and pull it out. And do unplugging till the internal speakers get appear on screen.

Now, if issue not get resolved on your Mac then strive the next method.

Fix 4. Restart your Mac

This is one of the easy and quick fix to resolve the common Mac audio problems in OS X. In this method, simply restart your Mac because sometime only after restarting your device recover can fix many errors by own.

Therefore, restart your device just once and check if the sound issue in your Mac get solved.

But again if not, then try the last method as this will definitely help you out in fixing mac audio problems in OS X.

Fix 5. Turn Off Bluetooth

This is last but not the least method to resolve the sound problems in your Mac. Sometimes this audio problems might happen when you left Bluetooth on. Because, it transfer an audio to the external device through it is connected.

So, in that case the very first things you need to do is to turn it off in order to eliminate all kind of glitches producing from that.

Steps to do so:

  • Click on the system preferences >> Bluetooth.
  • Check whether your Bluetooth is on or off.
  • So, If it on then turn off your Bluetooth.
  • And after that click on the close tab.

Then, check if you have get the sound back in your Mac.

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Hopefully, the aforementioned solutions has resolved your common Mac Audio problems in OS X. But, if after striving all these fixes you are encountering audio issue then it’s highly recommend to update your OS to the latest one. Because this issue are commonly occurring in older version that’s why Apple has rolled out the latest version in order to resolve this error.

So, if you have any suggestions or queries then fell free to tell us via commenting in a comment box.

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