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Apple iOS 12 Security Features: 5 ways to make your iPhone more secure

Apple has positioned the latest version, iOS 12 as more secure and safer software for iPhone users. The new iOS update includes many password related features. This features make it easier for iPad, iPhone and Mac users to generate secure, strong and unique passwords for every login. Not only that much but many more security features has launched as per your convenience.

Isn’t it biggest software update?

Off Course it is.

Apple is always trying to develop both reliable and competitive operating system. And guys, you are really going to like your iPad or iPhone with upcoming features, even also iOS 12 public beta version.

Basically, there are three release date has declared for Apple iOS 12 version for different purpose such as for developers, for public beta and final iOS 12 software with all new iPhone for this year.

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So, here are three release date for iOS 12

  • For developers – This version has already launched on 4th of June and is paid Apple developer software.
  • For Public – Public beta launched on 25the of June and is completely free. The iOS 12 public beta is readily available to download.
  • Final iOS 12 software with new iPhone – The release date of iOS 12 version is likely to being in September along with new iPhone for 2018.

Are you excited to know about the security features of Apple iOS 12?

Then get ready, as now we are going to discuss all the security features of iOS 12. Other than security features it also offer screen-time limits and winking 3-D emoji for your apps. It might take much attention once software arrives. However, iOS 12 plays a crucial role in the smartphone security area.

This is one of the features that Apple always prided itself on. They provide full device encryption and tightly locked App store. While iOS 12 will make your device safer and secure than before.

Here’s the list of 5 upcoming security features in iOS 12

  • Smarter Two-Factor
  • Stronger hacking protections
  • Password Protections
  • Less Ad Tracking
  • Encrypted Group Video Chat

And, now let’s discuss aforementioned security features of iOS 12 version in detail.

Top 5 ways iOS 12 will make your iPhone more secure 

1. Smarter Two-Factor Authentication

Almost everyone used this two factor authentication for their most crucial account and if you haven’t set it then you really should. Moreover, this indicates that you need something more than username and password. Thus through this smart feature, a code is generated from your phone when you login it from other device.

Therefore, it would make difficult for hacker who are trying to glean your login credentials. But at the same time it also makes little inconvenient for you when you are doing lot of logging from the different devices.

However, iOS 12 has solved that issue with a new feature named Security code AutoFill. When two factor authentication code send to your iPhone via SMS, it will automatically get transferred to the app onscreen which is awaiting for the code. So, no more mode need to switch to apps or to copy numbers over there. As, iOS 12 makes 2FA easier to adopt.

2. Stronger hacking protections

When someone try to hack your iPhone without your permission. It often done either by law enforcement agent or criminal saboteur to perform some kind of brute-force approach. They do multiple attempts during entry in rapid succession.

However, iOS 12 is reducing the window off time drastically. So, when your device is not locked for an hour, then it will automatically switch the lightning port to the charging state. It is perform by neutralizing data from it. As prior time limit was of 7 days but iOS 12 has block the access more rapidly.

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3. Password Protections

Better and stronger password management features will be available in iOS 12. The integrated password for the web browser helps to keep your login credentials completely safe. The device suggest to use random characters while creating password.

While in iOS 12, your system will suggest the stronger password for you, notwithstanding it is clear what that actually mean. Alongside another features of iOS 12, is all about the alert that get displays when other web browser used the same password. In such scenario, bad security prompt you to change at least one of them. But, in iCloud all these login credentials will get sync across your apple devices.

4. Less Ad Tracking

Web browser on iOS block the 3rd party cookies that can be recognized over multiple websites and 1st party cookies as well. Those are specific to only one site and are last for 30 days. Until you are logging to a site regularly, it won’t know much about you.

However in iOS 12, Safari (web browser) will go beyond that. It block the social media sharing and comment sections by default. That helps to identify you even though you are not communicating with them. Moreover, Facebook sharing button on page can detect who you are. It also link the page to your Fb account, despite you aren’t sharing anything. And as long you logged to your browser, the embedded code in share button register your arrival.

5. Encrypted Group Video Chat

Encryption is essential everywhere in iOS, from the messages you send through iMessage till the location data logged by your apps. Even though if you will assign your iPhone without any passcode or face or fingerprint work as decryption keys (data can’t be read).

It also indicate that faceTime chats and iMessages coming from and arriving to your device can’t be noticed. And you can spend a lot of time peacefully even if you are connected to the public Wi-Fi at any shop. You can go through a long awaited video call feature using iOS 12. Group video call can be hold up with 31 people excluding you at once. However same as one to one calls, complete end to end encryption will be applied in iOS 12.

All the above mentioned security features will work effectively on latest iOS 12 version on your iPhone. It helps to keep your data secure and safe. This Apple iOS 12 will make your apps faster and more responsive by giving you many ways to connect. The version, iOS 12 has launched to make your iPhone experience better by securing all the passwords without remembering a thing.


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