iPhone Glitch: The Storage Space on Your iPhone Clogged Situation

It is very much annoying when storage space on your iPhone clogged off, and you are unable to add any types of Apps or Media files on it.

So are you facing the same situation?? And wanted some effective measures to overcome from the present situation??

Then this is the right place, just be with the post and configure your problem easily.

What is the problem actually….

When all the available space on your iPhone gets occupied by the junk and memory clogging files. Then this situation generally arouse which can slow your iPhone down. So you should be careful while installing or downloading unwanted and reused files or applications.

Giving your iPhone (or iPad) a spring clean and removing unwanted files will improve its performance. But spring-cleaning also helps you get more out of iOS by enabling you to focus on the things you do need and use.

Some of The Simple and Easy Tips to Free out the Storage Space On iPhone

iPhone Glitch: The Storage Space on Your iPhone Clogged Situation

  • Find Where Unwanted Storage is Being Used and Clean Up: First of all check all storage space available on the iOS. If you find particularly hefty source, consider removing it.
  • Delete Completed Games & Unused Apps: The games which you have completed once. It is better to remove from the memory because it can slow down the processing speeds as well as will restrict you to add the App of your choice. Various Apps that you don’t need actually nor has nothing to do with its existence then it is better to uninstall it for your iOS well-functioning. Remember, every app you own is free to re-download again in the future also. So deleting the app from the iOS device does not mean it’s gone forever, you can use it when you want.
  • Prefer Standard Definition Videos: It is better to use standard definition videos over the HD videos. Using this will not only save the lots of storage space rather it can provide a relief to your eyes also. Commonly people won’t notice the difference on the smaller screen resolutions and non-retina displays anyway. This is a setting found in iTunes when connected to a computer, under “Options” just check the box next to “Prefer standard definition videos” and SD content will be preferred over HD.
  • Remove Watched Videos: It is better to remove the videos once watched. HD video content
    takes up enormous amounts of space, each file can range from 500MB to several GB! Don’t forget to delete a movie, TV show, or video podcast after you’ve finished watching it. You can always download or stream it again if you want to view it later.
  • Regularly remove Photos and Videos: Always try to remove the watched photos and videos from the Phone. If you use iCloud and have Photo Stream enabled, every picture and video taken on an iPhone is going to sync to the iPad automatically, and vice versa. These pictures can easily be 2MB each, and videos quickly approach hundreds of MB, and with several hundred (or thousand) of photos, you’ll quickly eat up storage space.
  • Delete All Music: Music is the best way for the time pass so all users must be keeping a folder of their favorite songs. If you are iPhone user then does one thing first of all remove all the music from the phone. And then set up an ITunes App to play music. Consider signing up for a service like iTunes Match when on the go, which lets you play music from your iTunes library from anywhere thanks to iCloud. Also, apps like Pandora, SoundCloud, Spotify, Rdio, and others are great ways to stream music to the iPad and iPhone without actually taking up precious storage space on the device.

iPhone Clogged Situation

Steps to clean out your iPhone’s memory

  1. Delete the Safari cache: The first step here we are considering is to cleaning out the caches on our iPhone. Note that this will mean that you’re logged out of any websites you’ve signed into, though. Follow these steps to clear out the Safari cache
  • At first go to Settings and then click on Safari.
  • After that scroll down the cursor and then tap Clear History and Website Data.
  • At last click on clear history and data.
  1. Remove File Data: Data stored by other apps can be cleaned using the Usage option in settings. Follow these steps to clean out unwanted data from iOS:
  • Tap Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage.
  • Tap Manage Storage.
  • Tap an app taking up a large amount of storage.
  • Take a look at Documents & Data – if there’s over 500MB of documents in the app, it may be worth deleting it and reinstalling it to clear the extra space.
  • Simply tap Delete and head to the App Store to re-download it.
  1. Recover memory: Apple iOS should manage your memory effectively. And apps that are running in the background should not take up memory. We do find that restarting an iPhone clears all the memory and ensures that the apps we need have enough to use.

Here is how to restart your iPhone:

  • Hold down the Sleep/Wake button until “slide to power off” appears.
  • Slide the power off switch and turn off the iPhone.
  • Wait until it has fully powered down then press the Sleep/Wake button to turn on the iPhone.
  • Doing this on a regular basis used to be vital on an iPhone, and it’s still useful on older models.

As per my knowledge I have covered all the aspects related to storage space on the iPhone, any idea regarding this topic will be highly appreciated. Thanks…..

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