Apple iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max Not Charging | Tips To Fix The Issue

Apple response to the rising volume around the inability to charge their new iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max is a timely reminder of Apple’s potential to communicate with its respective customers outside of a highly tightly controlled invite-only launch event.

Apple iPhone XS and XS Max Not Charging Issue – In-depth Review

Majority of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max owners have been reported encountering Apple iPhone XS & XS Max Not Charging issue while charging their devices.

Owners across the web are complaining that some of the Apple’s latest iPhones are not charging appropriately while being plugged in. Besides from this, the problems also seems to occur at times when users plug in their iPhones, keeping them in sleep mode and the screens off.

Forbes’s Gordon Kelly reported on Apple iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max Not Charging Issue this weekend, working with YouTuber Unbox Therapy’s Lewis Hilsenteger to deliver the results to the world.

Hilsenteger told he was alerted to this issue and thus performed a test. In test, he plugged in bunch of iPhone XS and XS Max devices. Main motto behind this was to test whether Apple devices charge while being in sleep mode or not.

In this test, he found that the XS and XS Max phones are not even charging until being woke up. Not only that, but the phone also stuck in sleep mode while being plugged in and have to be reset.

Curious about how widespread it is, Hilsenteger attained eight iPhone XS and XS Max models and connected them to the standard charger Apple bundles in the box.

What he observe in this was shocking!!

He found only two of the eight (iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max) working appropriately and charging from the standby.

The news ‘Apple iPhone XS and XS Max Not Charging’ got public for over 48 hours and Apple refused to comment to it’s customers or the world’s press, including even BBC:

Apple has remained silent amid complaints that its new iPhone XS and XS Max Smartphones fail to charge consistently while being plugged in…

Apple has yet not  responded to the BBC’s request for comment.

Seeing this, about Apple CEO Tim Cook, it would obviously not be wrong to say that the guy has learned nothing from the negative press which surrounded the four-week wait for Apple to acknowledge the battery throttling issue in the late 2017.

Even after with such acknowledgement, Cook completely failed to step up as a leader who take the responsibility for the actions of his company.

Are we seeing the same scenario once again?

I think so!!

As in this phone not charging issue, Apple could have opt for an easy fix.

It could have tweet out like:

Apple is aware of reports of iPhone charging issues and our engineers are investing and posting regular update on the issue, even in case if those posts are “…still investigating, thank you for your patience.”


So, this is the thing.

Today technology is indubitably very hard. We all are aware of the fact that no developer or manufacturer get it right out of the gate. This is why there are software updates and highly critical feedback. And this is why today keeping your user base informed of what is happening is of critical importance in 2018.

Apple respond to the inability of iPhone XS and XS Max handsets to charge is to no response. Not to use social media. Not to post about it on their support pages. Not to reply to any journalist who asks.

Apple does this mainly because it do has a very good reputation in market. The brand is known for its perfection, so there can be no flaw with the new iPhones.

Till yet Apple has not responded to a request for comment or a question on whether a fix will be coming soon or not.

However despite of this critical situation, it is here yet suggested not to worry if among those who are encountering Apple iPhone XS & XS Max Not Charging Issue. As here below possible solutions have been mentioned which would for surely help you out in fixing the Apple iPhone XS & XS Max Not Charging issue.

Solutions To Fix Apple iPhone XS & XS Max Not Charging Issue

Firstly, let’s move into the depth of the Apple iPhone XS & XS Max Not Charging issue and find out exactly what’s in-disposing the users!!

Click on the screen to initialize charging

In some of the case, Apple iPhone XS or XS Max has been notified charging normally when screen woke up via clicking or raising the screen. However there are some iPhone users who are require not just to wake up the device, but also disconnect and reconnect the Lightning cable to initialize the charging.

Besides from this, some iPhone XS users have also been reported complaining that the device failed completely to respond at time when Lightning cable get plugged in while the screen is in idle mode.

Usually at times, when you plug in an iPhone with a lightning cable, the battery indicator get displayed onto the screen, ensuring that the device has initiated charging.

Deactivate USB Accessories (USB Restricted Mode)

One thing worth nothing is that such issues do not occur meanwhile the wireless charging. They usually crops up at time when users attempts to power up the device utilizing the lightning cable.

Thus, the issue might be associated with a new safety feature which Apple introduced in iOS 11.4.1 – ‘USB Safe Mode’.

Those who are unaware of this Apple new feature, it is informed that the security feature basically deactivates the Lightning port when it’s been more than one hour since the phone unlocked. After this, users are required to unlock the Apple device for allowing USB accessories to connect.

Now steps on how to turn off the USB restricted mode to see if it solves the issue….

Step #1: firstly, launch Settings on your iPhone.


Step #2: Next, scroll down and tap on Face ID & Passcode


Step #3: Further, authenticate your device utilizing Face ID or passcode


Step #4: Turn off the switch right next to the USB accessories under Allow Access When Locked


Going further, you are not required to unlock your device for enabling the USB accessories to connect.

Now make attempt to charge your device utilizing the Lightning cable. This will allow you to find out if the trick worked.

Hopefully the execution of the aforementioned steps will fix Apple iPhone XS or XS Max Not Charging issue. However in case if not, it is advised to Contact Apple Support regarding help.

Regardless, it is obvious that problem is because of a miscellaneous bug and Apple is definitely going to troubleshoot it via a software update soon, it is here suggested to be on the safer side considering your device has hardly seen the light of a few days.

Moving ahead,

The Apple iPhone XS & XS Max users who have encountered the issue are advised to wait for the software update as assumptions are high that it is in making – considering the velocity of the trouble.

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