List of 13 Most Annoying Issues on Netflix and its Easy Solution

Are you stumbled with obnoxious and complicated Error codes on Netflix?

Netflix is the best video streaming service all around but because of its limitations and annoyances, you might face issues. Don’t Feel Intimidated! We understand nothing should come between you and your favorite shows, right? So here we go! Let’s hop into this blog to fix 13 most annoying issues and their solution. We’ll cover Netflix issues, error codes, and connection problems on your TV, iPhone, iPad, android and PC.

#1: How Do I Clear My “Continue Watching” List?

If you are watching a movie and have stopped it before the credits, it’ll appear in your “Continue Watching” list. To get rid of that, follow the steps below:

Step#1: Go to Now, you can see a list of all the movies you have watched, listed from most recent to oldest.

Step#2: Click the X next to any title to remove it.

  If we talk about TV shows, click on X next to an episode which will remove that single episode. Thereafter, you will also see a prompt asking, Remove Series? If you want to remove every episode of that series from your Recently Watched list, then select that option.


#2: How Do I Get Better Netflix Recommendation?

According to Netflix, the only way you can exert control over your recommendations is rating. So, after watching any movie or TV show, give it a rating. To view a complete list of titles you have rated, go to Netflix is using these personalized ratings to recognize your choice, so you might have to refine that list letting Netflix know what exactly you want to watch.

#3: How Do I Reset My Netflix Account Back To Default?

If you want to clear everything you have watched until now then reset your Netflix to its default settings. For this you need to delete your profile and follow the steps:

Step#1: Go to

Step#2: Click on the profile you want to reset.

Step#3: Click on Delete Profile to confirm it.

This will remove your Netflix profile’s entire history, together with the My List saves, your Recently Watched list, and Ratings. You can now create a new profile and start from scratch.

#4: How Can I Watch Netflix in 1080p HD on Chrome or Firefox?

You must be acquainted that Netflix currently supports 1080p Full HD videos only on 3 browsers: Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer on Windows, and Safari on Mac. So if you desire to watch Full HD movies on your PC, ensure that you are using one of these 3 browsers. Other browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or any other will only play 720p HD videos, not 1080p HD videos. Before switching to any other browser, check to verify below points:

#1: Make sure that your screen is Full HD 1080p. Simply verify your native resolution. If it’s 1920×1080 or 1680×1050, then you will get a difference by switching Full HD. If your monitor’s resolution is 1366×768 or lower, then you don’t have to bother for switching browsers, stay with 720p and Chrome extensions for Netflix.

#2: Go to and set it to High, so that it defaults to the highest possible resolution on your screen.

#5: How Can I Find what’s Leaving Netflix Each Month?

Here are two ways to find out which movies and TV shows are leaving Netflix in the next 30 days.

#1: If you have added a title to My List section, you will receive a small update in the Netflix app telling that the title is expiring in the next 30 days. You may also verify the Details section of any video to check out when it expires.

#2: The best way is through a Third-Party Site. There are lots of websites that trail what’s upcoming and going on Netflix. Choose the site which you fell the best to see a complete list of titles that will be taken out of the service in the current month.

#6: How Can I Share Netflix Recommendations with Friends?

Here are two tools to share any Netflix title or recommendation with your friends.


Through the Netflix app’s Share Menu:While browsing to your favorite movie or show on an IOS or Android device, you will see the share icon.

Get a list of all the apps by tapping it and use one of them to share Netflix recommendation with your friends.


Through Flixtape App: Follow the steps below-

Step#1: Go to Flixtape

Step#2: Click Make My Own to create your individual playlist of Netflix favorites.

Step#3: Add the movies and shows you want to share, and then share it.

It pegs into your region’s catalog, so be assured that you are sharing it with someone in the same region, otherwise some of the things which you have added may not be visible to them.

#7: Why Does My Netflix Keep Buffering?

You might have encountered with the situations when Netflix started to work slower than usual and there could be a wide of reasons behind it. Most probably, it’s your Internet service provider (ISP) which is throttling Netflix. To verify this, use Netflix’s FAST app to test your internet speed. FAST is easily available as a website, along with an app on iOS and android. This app will tell you at what speeds you can download Netflix videos, which may vary from the advertised speed of your internet connection.

#8: How Do I Reduce the Amount of Mobile Data Netflix Is Using?

If you’re using Netflix on a Smartphone or Tablet, then you can easily adjust the settings so that it only works on Wi-Fi, or uses less data, by reducing quality.

Step#1: Go to Menu in the Netflix App

Step#2: Click on the App Settings, to go Cellular Data Usage

Step#3: In the Cellular Data Usage section, Turn Off to use only Wi-Fi.


If you wish to continue running without Wi-Fi, you can in turn choose Low, Medium, or High to set the quality at which videos will stream.

Note: This will only affect your Netflix mobile app instead of main account’s settings.


#9: How Do I Skip The Title While Watching Netflix?

No automated way is available to skip the title sequence of a TV show, yet you can make it easier. Just count the length of the show and use the Smart Fast-Forward Buttons on phones or keyboard shortcuts on your PC.

On mobile apps, make Use of Smart Fast Forward Buttons to Skip Ahead by 30 Seconds.

On Windows or Mac, make Use of Keyboard Shortcuts to Skip Ahead by 10 Seconds.

Press Shift+Right to skip forward by 10 seconds. Keeping Shift held down, you can press Right repeatedly until you hit the point you want to reach.

If you skip excessively, press Shift+Left to rewind 10 seconds.


#10: What Should I Do If I Think My Netflix Account Has Been Hacked?

If you are in doubt that somebody is using your Netflix account without your vigilance, it’s important to take the safe option and find out for sure.

Step#1: Go to and sign out of all devices in which your Netflix account is logged.

Step#2: Sign in back to Netflix and change your password, make your password safe and unbreakable. In case, still you find any suspicious activity on your account, you must contact Netflix for resolution.

#11: How to Fix Netflix Error 1011 & 1012?

The most common Netflix issues on iPhone or iPad is Netflix Error 1011 and Netflix Error 1012. Here are steps to fix Netflix iPhone issues, before going through following steps check if your connections are proper.

Step#1: Start with resetting the Netflix app.

Step#2: Open your iPhone Settings -> Scroll down until you see Netflix -> Tap on Netflix -> Tap on Reset -> Press your Home Button.

Step#3: Open Netflix again and sign in back.

If that doesn’t work to fix the issue, restart your iPhone or iPad. If that fails, the next step is to long press on the Netflix app and uninstall it, and then re-install it again.

#12: How to Fix Netflix Error 12001?

Android Netflix issues are most common and generally meets with Netflix Error 12001. This error simply means that the data on your device is out of date and needs to be cleared. The first thing you need to do is restart your Android, if that fails to work you will need to clear the Netflix data from your device.   To do this, follow the steps below:

Step#1: Go to your Android Settings and click on Application Manager (Apps or Applications)

Step#2: Tap on Netflix and click on Clear Data

Step#3: Click OK

If that fails to work, go for other wireless connection or contact Netflix for support.

#13: How to Fix Netflix Error 1016?

Error code 1016 is another common Netflix issue that iPhone and iPad users may run into. This normally happens when your internet connection is not good. To make your internet connection work better, follow the steps below:

Step#1: Reset your iPhone or iPad connection.

Step#2: Swipe up from your home screen and tap on the airplane icon.

Step#3: Wait 30 seconds and then tap on the airplane icon again to turn it off.

Try Netflix again to check if your issues is fixed. If it fails, try rebooting the device, or use different Internet connection.
Hope, you have easily resolved all your Netflix issues and must be watching your TV  favorite shows right now.  

What Other Issues About Netflix Annoy You?

If the steps listed in this blog did not work or you didn’t get what you were searching for, then avail our customer support service and share your issues.

Let us know where you are stuck, we’ll be happy to assist you!

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