How To Remove Memz Virus From Windows 10/8.1/8/7 (Updated)

To Remove Memz Virus from your PC, free download SpyHunter tool, as it’s the best computer viruses removal tool from system. However keep remember free download version of SpyHunter only provide you with preview of the virus infected files. In order to remove them from the system, you’re require to go for its buy version.

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Memz is a Trojan malware that has recently received much attention from the Windows PC users lately. These users were actually those who got intrigued by the vertex image the Memz virus created on their respective computer system.

Since from the beginning to this day, Memz has been an obscure virus for number of Windows users.

However the bad news is that chances of getting information about Memz from Microsoft is zero now. As the tech giant has locked the forum threat on this virus a few days ago.

Memz Virus – In-detailed Info

Memz is a customized Trojan infection that do make usage of highly-complex unique payloads, which activate in a row. This Trojan onto being successfully infiltrated inside the system, conducts a series of dangerous activities in it.

It firstly takes complete control over the entire system and provides users with message that now they won’t be able to use their machines if they restart them.

Things doesn’t ends up here!!

Onto trying removing this Memz virus via the Task Manager, it leads to computer crash right on the spot.

However the final malicious trait is not this till yet.

It actually initiates at time when the victim restarts the computer system.


Onto restarting, the machine won’t be able to run the OS, and will instead display the message stating that:

“Your computer has been trashed by the Memz Trojan. Now enjoy the Nyan cat…”

After generation of this message, the Nyan Cat will acquire complete control over the victimized computer system.

This Nyan Cat animation is actually the MEMZ’ trademark acting as a bootloader. Besides from this, other payloads by Memz virus include:

  • Randomly opening of programs and webpages.
  • Replacing of the mouse cursor with error icons, invading the screen.
  • Taking up of a screen tunnel over your entire display.

Memz has been actually developed in two versions: one harmless version that people use for fun and the other one malware version that affects the Master Boot Record.

Now coming to finally onto the topic for which this bog is actually for ‘Memz Virus Removal’

How to Remove the Memz Virus from Windows PC?

To Remove or Uninstall Memz Virus from Windows PC, you can go for methods, Manual Method and Automatic Method.

So, first let’s see how you can remove Virus From PC by Manual Method.

Manual Method To Remove Memz Virus From PC

To Uninstall Memz from PC manually, you’re require to follow the set forth steps:

  • Firstly type the command taskkill /f /im MEMZ.exe in the Command Prompt. This will kill all the MEMZ processes without crashing the system. However even after this, the Nyan Cat will appear after you restart your system.
  • Install Windows using the ISO file.

Now despite the fact that this method can work in complete uninstallation of Memz Virus from the Windows PC, here we would like to warn you not to go for it in case if you’re not a tech savvy.


This manual malware removal method requires high proficient skills. And in a single mistake can lead to system crash. So, if not confident very much about your skills, go for Automatic Memz Virus Removal methods. This method assures you of complete malware removal from the PC in an easy and safe manner.

Automatic Memz Virus Removal From PC

To Remove Memz Virus automatically from the PC, you’re require to go for the SpyHunter tool.


SpyHunter is an antimalware application design to scan for, identify, remove and block malware programs from the computer system. Equipped with enhance proprietary anti-virus engine, this tool very efficiently protects the PC against several latest computer virus infections.

To remove Memz virus with SpyHunter, you’re require to follow the below mentioned steps:

Step 1: Firstly download SpyHunter antimalware program and then run this application.

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Step 2: Now click Scan Computer Now option as shown in the picture.

Step 3: This will scan the PC and show detected viruses in thumbnail format along with its complete details.

Step 4: Lastly click ‘Fix Threats’ button to eliminate all noxious viruses.

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So, this all about Memz Virus and its removal from PC. Hopefully you enjoyed reading the blog and it helped you out in the Memz Virus uninstallation from system.

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