Have lost crucial data and now unable to recover it? Try out Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software, as its one of the most efficient data recovery tool for the recovery of data from all types of Windows devices say – PCs, laptops, ultrabooks and etc.

Equipped with numerous powerful algorithmic skills, this software includes capability of getting back all your valuable data including documents, photos, emails, audio and video files, easily and quickly from your workstation.

Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software is available in a free download version also. So, with this Stellar’s version, you can recover your data for free. However free version can only recover your 1 GB of data. For more data recovery, you are require to get the Stellar Data Recovery Activation Key. This key allows you to access license version of stellar software, for more data recovery.

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About Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software

Here below detail info about Stellar Windows data recovery software has been detailed.Kindly have a look if want to go for one of the most effective data recovery software available in the market in today’s date.

Recover/Retrieve Lost or Deleted FilesRecover/Retrieve Lost or Deleted Files

Stellar Data Recovery Review from its users proof that the program includes potential to recover deleted or lost files from the system’s hard drive or any other external storage devices. This data recovery pro utility helps its users in selecting a specific drive or folder from which recovery of files has to get done. The program does include the capability of helping even those users who unfortunately lost their respective data because of virus or malware attack, read or write error, software or application malfunction and etc.

Recover Your Expensive Memories

Stellar Windows Data Recovery Tool besides from recovering the lost or corrupted documents, also effortlessly retrieves the deleted photos or videos. Regarding this, you (or any other users) are just required to tap the ‘Photo’ option under ‘multimedia files’. This data recovery free ultimately furnishes you with a list of all the images that can get recovered. The utility additionally, also can provide you with a preview of the images, enabling you to select the ones which you wish to recover.

Efficient File SearchEfficient File Search

Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software review does include a smart feature, enabling you to find out the deleted files in your respective logical drive. It enables you to search files by name and type. Utility besides also enables you to check the deleted or removed files. You might search the deleted or lost data in a specific folder. Data recovery pro additionally, allows you to search for the particular folder from a logical drive.

Quick and Deep Scan

Quick and Deep ScanBeing equipped with powerful technical skills, Stellar Data Recovery Software free download has been crafted in a manner that does include two distinct scan methods, i.e., Quick Scan & Deep Scan. Between them, Quick Scan is the one that has helped users in the majority of the data recovery cases, while on the other hand, the Deep scan is the one that has been designed to retrieve data from a formatted, damaged or corrupted storage. Both the scanning methods works simultaneously i.e., in a case if the program becomes unable to find out the data in Quick Scan, then in that situation it automatically switches to Deep Scan.

Here one might also very easily make a selection of the ‘Deep Scan’ option present in the bottom right corner of the software or tool interface. While carrying out the scanning procedure, it is hereby recommended to turn off the preview as doing so ultimately enhances the Windows PC’s scanning speed.


Potent Key Features: Stellar Windows Data Recovery


Recover Deleted or Lost Email Files

Stellar Data Recovery Professional tool helps its email users via helping them out in undeleting their respective lost or deleted email data files. It includes the capacity of efficiently recovering all the popular email clients’ data files such as MS Exchange Server (EDB), MS Outlook (PST), MS Outlook Express (DBX), MS Lotus Notes (NSF) and numerous more file types. Regarding the aforementioned recovery, you (or any other users) are just required to select ‘Emails’ under ‘Documents, Folders & Emails’ from the ‘Select What To Recover’ section and scan your hard drive.

Sort Out Your Files Your Way

Sort Out Your Files Your Way


When one’s data lost, its recovery is not the only thing which satisfies users i.e., getting back the retrieved data in a disorganized manner makes it genuinely hectic for the users to identify vital files (even in a case if the preview details are available).

Stellar Windows data recovery tool includes a Filtered Tree option, enabling you to sort out all your files easily. To make use of this tool, Windows users need to tap the ‘Filtered Tree’ tab present in the left pane for filtering the files. Here you can also specify the distinct file types, check the existing files or deleted files option.

Deleted or Lost File Recovery

Deleted File Recovery


Stellar Data Recovery Software – Review enables you to retrieve all your lost or deleted files memory cards, hard drives, USB drives and several other removable media. To recover data with this particular Windows data recovery tool, you are just required to install its free trial version and let it scan all your storage media from where you exactly wish to recover the deleted file. Now make the selection of the ‘Deleted List’ option under the preview window and then provide the specified location for saving the retrieved file.

Absolutely Safe and Hassle Free

Absolutely Safe & Hassle Free


Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software Review provides its users with 100% safe as well as secure downloads that are free from any sort of virus or malware intrusion. This Windows data recovery tool includes the capability of recovering lost data lost because of even virus, Trojan, and malware attack. So, download it’s free trial version now. The free trial version of this Windows data recovery utility provides its users with a preview of the recoverable files. Here to save the recovered data, you are required to purchase its licensed version.

Recovers Data from Corrupt Hard Disk

Recovers Data from Corrupt Hard Disk


Being an enhance Windows Data recovery tool, Stellar recovery software does have the potential of enabling you to easily as well as quickly undelete Windows files from your corrupt external storage devices such as hard disk, pen drive, memory card and etc. It besides also efficiently recovers data from SD cards (Mini SD, Micro SD, and SDHC card), Flashcards, CF cards, Mini Disks and etc.

Once the external or removable storage media gets connected to the system and is recognized, the installed stellar recovery software automatically starts displaying the external drive together with the list of several other drive volumes that can get selected for recovery of the Windows data.

The scan engine of this Windows best data recovery software can provide you with the preview of all the recoverable files. The Stellar Data Recovery Download in addition to all this might furnish you with an offer to select the ‘Recover Deleted files’ option whereby you can retrieve the deleted files from external storage.


Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software Review– Tech Specification


File Types Supported

DocumentAudioVideoGraphicsEmailOther File Types





PST, DBX, EMLX, etc.(from Outlook, Outlook Express etc.)

Including Archives (ZIP, RAR, SIT, ISO etc.), exe, html, SITX etc.


Data Loss Scenarios Supported : Stellar Windows Data Recovery

Unformat and Raw recoveryPartition RecoveryDeleted File Recovery
  • Data or file loss because of hard drive crash, system crash or Windows reinstallation.
  • Raw partition, disk displays such as RAW or ‘Media/Drive is not formatted, would you like to format now?’
  • Abrupt formatting disk, partition or any other storage devices.
  • Abrupt power-off, turning off of the storage media while writing process, software crash, improper eradication of SD card.
  • Other scenarios such as malware attack, device initialization, media card error, Memory/SD card ‘Access Denied’ without backup.
  • Partition loss because of repartition, improper clone, boot manager, system restore, disk accident and etc.
  • Accidentally or mistakenly deleting a partition.
  • Partition mistakenly lost or hidden.
  • Serious malware infection for hard drive, disk crash and etc.
  • File loss because of emptying Recycle Bin.
  • File loss because of ‘Shift+Del’ without backup.
  • Accidental file deletion via right-clicking menu or just pressing the ‘Delete’ button.


Storage Devices Supported :


System and hardware Requirement


Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

50MB of free space for Stellar Windows Data Recovery Pro installing

1GB Minimum

Pentium Class


Screenshots : (How To Use Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software)


Stellar Windows Data Recovery

Free Download

Upgrade to Licensed Version


FAQs (Stellar Data Recovery Professional)


Q: How can I install Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Software onto my Windows system?

  • Make double-click onto the StellarPhoenixWindowsDataRecovery.exe file and then tap Run for starting the Setup Wizard. Now Setup-Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery dialog box will get displayed.
  • Tap Next to proceed. License Agreement dialog box will get displayed.
  • Select I accept the agreement option in the License Agreement dialog box. Tap Next. Select Destination Location dialog box will get displayed.
  • Here specify a destination in the text box or tap Browse for selecting a destination. Now tap Next. Select Start Menu folder dialog box will get displayed.
  • Further, specify a destination in the text box or tap Browse for selecting a destination. Tap Next. Select Additional Tasks dialog box will get displayed.
  • Make selection of the required check boxes to create desktop icon and quick launch icon of the Stellar Windows recovery software. Tap Next.
  • Now, in the Ready to Install dialog box, verify the settings. Here tap Back for making any modifications, or tap Install to install the software.
  • Lastly, after successful completion of the software, the ‘Completing the Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Setup Wizard’ screen will open-up. Here tap Finish.
Note: Clear Launch Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Pro check box for preventing the software from launching automatically.

Q2: How can I recover Data from Windows PC using Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software?

Solu: You can easily recover your deleted or lost data from Windows via following the set forth steps:

  • Download Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software.
  • Install the program or tool and then run it on your system.
  • Make selection of the data type which you wish to recover under ‘Select What to Recover’ option.
  • Choose the desired location from ‘Select Location’ for retrieving the deleted data.
  • Tap the scan results. It will result in the list of files that are shown under ‘File Type’, ‘Tree View’ and ‘Deleted List’.
  • Make selection of the files/folders which you wish to recover and then tap ‘Recover’ button.
  • Lastly save the retrieved files via choosing a desired location.

Q: How do I make the Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software or application scan for photos only and not any other type of file?

Solu: Stellar software do includes Photo Recovery option which scans the selected volumes, external storage devices or external hard disk for images or photos files only. This option do executes scanning procedure and recovers almost all the image files from the selected volumes, removable media or hard disk. Regarding this particular option, FAT, ExFAT and NTFS file systems are supported by the Stellar program.

Follow the set forth steps to scan the volume or hard disk regarding photo recovery:

  • Download and install Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software.
  • Launch it. Now onto the application main screen, under the ‘Multimedia Files’, tap ‘Photo Recovery option’ and then tap ‘Next button’.
  • After tapping ‘Next’ button, you will see ‘Select Location’ Windows, all the logical volumes existing in the hard disk along with all the external media will get listed with the respective volume details. Here in ‘Connected Drives’ section, all the attached hard drives will get listed. Here select the ‘volume’ or ‘hard drive’ from which recovery of photos has to take place.
  • After making selection of the drive, tap Scan button to initialize the drive scanning procedure regarding lost photo recovery.
  • Stellar recovery software will scan the selected drive and will give the preview of all the retrievable photo files.

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