Stellar Outlook PST Repair Software

Stellar Outlook PST Repair Software for Windows 10/8/7/Vista

In seek of software that can help you in fixing corrupted Outlook PST files?? Free Download Stellar Outlook PST Repair Software, as it’s the most trustworthy option for you…

The software is proven working in repairing the corrupted PST files.

Now before coming to how Stellar Phoenix Outlook Repair Software fixes the corrupted Outlook PST file, we think its vital to know importance of PST files in Outlook application.

Introduction to PST Files

Microsoft Outlook relies on 2 types of data files for helping users keeping important info like emails, addresses and PST filesvarious other vital files which allow seamless email experience.

For personal email use, .pst file type of Outlook data file is most common.

The .pst file allows users to store messages off the mail server. Moreover, it makes it possible for users to migrate email accounts and all the associated data from one device running Outlook to another.

So, this way you can see, how much PST file is important for Outlook.

But what happens when such vital file gets corrupted? Anything from lost messages to Outlook not being able to run!!

The scenarios is dangerous even at thinking… so can’t predict practically.

Its really important to keep PST files safe from corruption, as they possess an enormous amount of valuable data. Onto the corruption of these PST files, messages get corrupted or lost. All the vital data contained in emails gets deleted along with them.

Nonetheless, no matter how careful one is or how hard attempt is made, PST files can get corrupted somehow. Have a quick glance at the causes reasonable behind the corruption of PST files…


Reasons Behind Outlook PST Files Corruption


  1. Issues with Hard Disk
  2. Abrupt Closing of MS Outlook Application
  3. Presence of Virus/Malware
  4. Abrupt System Shutdown Due To Power Loss


Issues with Hard Disk

The hard disk where the PST files are stores is vulnerable to bad sectors. These bad sectors are actually spots on the hard disk which can corrupt PST files if they get stored on them. So, in case if your hard disk has bad sectors on it, chances are high that the PST files stored on them will get corrupted.

Abrupt Closing of MS Outlook Application

MS Outlook application onto being closed abruptly can result in PST files corruption. One such instance when this happens is MS Outlook shutting down using Task Manager. This actually causes the PST files to close all of suddenly, leading to corruption.

Presence of Virus/Malware

Malware or virus infections are major threat to all the files present on the system. They can lead to PST file damage and can cause them to corrupt as well.

Abrupt System Shutdown Due To Power Loss

Sudden power loss can lead to PST files corruption, opened at the moment.

So, these were the reasons which leads to need of Outlook PST Repair.


Outlook PST Files Corruption Can Get Referred in Several Terms, Such As:

  • Outlook PST File Missing
  • pst Cannot Be Found
  • And etc


Well, though the corrupted PST file issue can get handled through manual method, but it’s not the guaranteed solution. Means it’s not possible that the manual method will always help you fix the PST files corrupted because of any reasons. There are some causes which corrupts the outlook PST files severely, making it impossible for the manual method to fix it.

Now despite this, we think its important for you to know about this manual method:

Manual method by which you can fix corrupted PST files is the usage of Inbox Repair Tool or Scanpst.


This tool is actually inbuilt one, provided by Microsoft along with your Outlook application to fix the corrupted PST file. Here below is the step-by-step guide to Outlook PST Repair.

Note: Term Outlook PST Repair, can be also referred as Repair Outlook 2007 and Repair Outlook 2016.

Stepwise Guide To Outlook PST Repair Through Inbox Repair Tool


free PST repair tool outlook 2019

  • Firstly, close your Outlook application.
  • Now, go to folder where Outlook is installed. [By default, the destination would be C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office XXX]
  • Make double click on Scanpst.exe file.
  • Click the Browse Make selection of the corrupted PST file and then click Start.
  • ScanPST or Inbox Repair Tool will now scan the entire PST file. This will show if any errors get found in the selected file.
  • Select the option Make backup of scanned file before fixing.
  • Click the Repair button


 Note: If have query: Download scanpst.exe for Outlook 2016, remember its inbuilt tool by Microsoft. So, no need to download. 


In most of the cases, this Microsoft inbuilt tool fixes the Outlook PST file issues. However there are some instances, in which this tool might be insufficient to fix the severely damaged or corrupted PST file.

If that’s the case, as mentioned above, there’s no need to worry, as you have the most trending and successful software ‘Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair Software’.

This software is till yet the most popular & reliable software when it comes to Outlook PST Repair.

To fix the broken, damaged or corrupted PST file completely, Stellar Phoenix Outlook Repair Software would be the most suitable to go for.


Issues In Which Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair Software Can Help You:

  • Repair Outlook 2007
  • Repair Outlook 2016
  • Outlook PST File Missing
  • Outlook pst cannot be found
 Note: Stellar Phoenix Outlook Repair Software is available in its FREE VERSION. You can download this to give a try to the software and assure that it’s a guaranteed solution to your PST issue. 


Stellar Outlook PST Repair Software: Free PST Repair Tool

Download Stellar Outlook PST Repair For Windows


Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair Full is one of the most sophisticated softwares when its about repairing corrupted Outlook PST file. Moreover, its also the finest when its about recovering lost Outlook emails, contacts, notes, calendars, journals, tasks and attachments – Mailbox Data.

Stellar is the Outlook PST Recovery Software that can fix PST files corrupted because of issues like:

  • Large PST files
  • Sharing PST over the network
  • Virus/Malware Attack
  • Etc

Stellar Phoenix Outlook Repair Software support encrypted & password protected PST files recovery. The software is compatible with all the MS Outlook versions like: MS Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 & 2000.

All these features and stellar repair for outlook review from its users are the reasons, software has been referred as the best free PST repair tool outlook 2016.

Since Stellar can fix password protected files, so can be an option for those who’re looking for Office Password Recovery Pro or Advanced Office Password Recovery Pro.


Salient Features of Stellar Outlook PST Repair Software – Fast PST Repair Tool

Repair Corrupt Outlook File

Equipped with numerous powerful algorithmic skills, Stellar Repair for Outlook Crack conduct deep scans and search for the recoverable data within severely corrupted PST files. The tool includes potential of recovering all the mailbox components within the files like emails, attachments, calendar items, contacts, journals, etc. and restores them into the new usable PSTs.

Recover Emails From Encrypted PST

Usually people encrypt their Outlook PSTs. This is done to safeguard the crucial emails. Well alike this, PSTs are also locked with a password. Though the feature by Microsoft is good for protecting data. However sometimes becomes a trouble when one fails to retrieve the PST data. Stellar Outlook PST Repair Software can very efficiently overcome this hurdle via recovering data from encrypted and password-protected files.

Stellar software does not requires any password to decrypt and move towards the PST repairing.

Recover Deleted Outlook Emails

This free PST Repair Tool is highly efficient at recovering emails that have been accidentally deleted from the ‘Inbox’ or emptied from the ‘Deleted Items’ folder in Outlook.

Selective Recovery in Multiple Formats

Stellar PST Repair Tool enables you to find, view and save specific messages from the file. It comprises a ‘Find Message’ feature, enabling you narrow down the search criteria via various options. Moreover, you can save the selected messages in formats like EML, RTF, MSG, or PDF.

Save Repaired/Recovered PST on External/Network Media

Stellar Outlook PST Recovery Software facilitate you with the option to save the newly created PST file at any desired location on the system. The location can be any disk (say network location or external media), visible to the host operating system.

Save Log Data After Recovering PST File

Stellar allows you to view and save the log report of the complete Outlook PST Repair Process to a location of your choice. You can use it to review the Outlook PST Repair Procedure anytime later. To do this, what you need is: select ‘Log Report’ from the ‘View’ menu and then click on ‘Save Log’ in Stellar Repair for Outlook Dialog Box.

Note: Once again reminding, Stellar Outlook PST Repair Software comes with a FREE DOWNLOAD VERSION. This free version allows you to repair the corrupted PST files and preview all the retrievable items in it. Moreover, you can save the recovered files also, onto being satisfied with the previewed results.


Software Specifications

System Requirements

ProcessorPentium Class
Operating SystemWindows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP
Memory1 GB Minimum
Hard Disk100 MB of Free Space


Software Delivery



License & Version

Single User LicenseCan install the software on a single system
Technician LicenseCan be used on 3 systems simultaneously


Interface Available

Language SupportedEnglish, German, Italian, French, Spanish

How To Use Stellar Outlook PST Repair Software To Repair Corrupt PST Files


Step 1: Firstly download and install Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair Software.

Step 2: Launch it. Its main user interface will get shown as below. Here you will get Select PST File for Repair dialog box providing Browse and Find options. Via these options, you can select and locate the PST file respectively.

Step 1 Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair Software

Step 3: Tap the Browse button, if you know the location of the PST file. Or else, click Find. Once the PST file get selected, tap Repair button to start the repairing procedure.

Step 2 - free pst repair tool

Step 4: Now the software is scanning damaged/corrupt PST file. Here the estimated scan duration depends onto the size of the PST and the extent of corruption.

Step 3 - Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair Software

Step 5: Next, in the Outlook mail preview window, all the recovered PST file items (folders) will get displayed in the left pane. Here Browse and check every mailbox item via selecting the individual folder.

Step 4 - Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair Software

Step 6: Make selection of a folder and then click Saved Repaired File button on the File menu. Further, select file format as PST from the multiple saving options and browse the location to save the retrieved PST file. Tap OK to start the procedure.

Step 5

Step 7: The progress bar will now display the current status of the file saving procedure.

Step 6 - Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair Software

Step 8: The recovered PST file is saved at the specified location.

Step 7 - Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair Software

Free Download



So, this was all about how Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair Crack helps you in Outlook PST Repair and why its the fast PST repair tool.

Hopefully all your queries related to corrupted PST file fixing using Stellar software is solved. However if still in any sort of dilemma, here’s for FAQ section.

This FAQ section deals with all the questions that might arise in one’s mind regarding the usage of Stellar Phoenix Outlook Repair Software.


Is there any option in the Stellar software to find the particular PST file, I want to repair?

Yes, the Stellar Outlook PST Repair provides an option, namely Find Outlook File, allowing you to search all PST files in a selected volume. From the list of PST files, you can choose the one you desire and then can proceed further with the repairing procedure.

What can I do with Free Trial Version of the Stellar Phoenix Software?

With the free demo version of Stellar Phoenix Outlook Repair Software, you can recover the corrupt PST file and can preview all the retrievable items in it. Moreover, in case of being satisfied with the previewed results, you can purchase the full version to save the retrieved files.

How can I repair my PST file in MS Outlook 2010?

To repair PST file in Outlook 2010, follow the step given below:

  • Start the application and click Browse After this, select the PST file you desire to repair.
  • Click Repair button to start the repairing procedure.
  • Save a new healthy .pst file at specified location.
What is Stellar Repair for Outlook Activation Key

Stellar Repair for Outlook Activation key is actually the key to activate Stellar Toolkit, consisting of 8 softwares, leveraging users with multiple features. Multiple features to manage Outlook files and resolve the Outlook-related issues.

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